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Sometimes all it takes to find a new position is a resume, a strong network of personal contacts and a few phone calls. Other times, it takes much more effort, time and energy. That’s when an Integrated Job Search Campaign can be just the RIGHT answer for you.

Consider the following scenario: You’ve just been hired by a major corporation to sell a new product they’ve just developed. What do you do? Simply put, you sell the product by introducing it throughout all of the appropriate “marketing channels.”

It’s the same strategy with job search. The only difference is that YOU ARE THE PRODUCT! Now you must decide who would be interested in the product and how to best market it. That’s where your integrated job search marketing strategy comes into play.

But how do you know the RIGHT “marketing channels” for you and your particular situation? Is it targeted direct mail or email? Is it posting your resume on the Internet? Is it subscribing to professional and executive job lead reports? Is it sharpening your interviewing skills? Is it leveraging your network of contacts? With so many options at your immediate disposal, job search often becomes confusing.

But, relax! Dynamic Resumes knows just what to do. Based on your past experiences and your current objectives, Dynamic Resumes can create a Customized Job Search Marketing Program that gets results. Together, we’ll evaluate which of the following services are appropriate for your search campaign and then Dynamic Resumes will take care of everything for you. It’s easy, efficient and extremely effective.

Targeted Direct Mail & Email Campaigns

We’ve all heard it before … most positions are never advertised! And, it’s true. Your challenge is to determine how to get your resume and yourself in front of those companies that are hiring. The solution is a targeted mailing campaign. Just ask our clients. They’ve proven over and over how effective this strategy is with their successful campaigns to corporations, fast-track growth companies, venture capital firms and recruiters.

At Dynamic Resumes, we’ve made targeted mailings easy! We’ll guide you through a structured program to select the specific companies, firms and recruiters you are most interested in based on industry, geography and annual revenues. Once your selections have been made, Dynamic Resumes will manage the entire campaign, from data selection and refinement through preparation of personalized letters through final distribution via snail mail, email and/or fax.

Costs: Depends on size of mailing and method of distribution.

Internet Resume Postings

The Internet has changed job search forever. Not only can you instantaneously email your resume, there are now hundreds of sites where you can post your resume for review by companies and recruiters. Dynamic Resumes works with a select number of these posting sites – the ones that get the most action and the most positive results. Depending on your specific objectives, we will recommend which of these sites will be the most powerful for you.

Costs: Depends upon specific service.

Professional & Executive Job Lead Reports

Job Lead Reports were a new phenomenon in the early 1990’s. Originally in print (and now on the Internet), these subscription-only publications list unadvertised professional, managerial and executive opportunities nationwide. They’re a great strategy to tap into the unadvertised job search market and identify top-flight positions.

Costs: Depends upon length of subscription.

Career Coaching & Assessment

Are you at a career crossroads, uncertain as to what your next career move should be? Consider a few hours of career coaching and assessment with Dynamic Resumes’ President Donna Farrise. Together, you and Donna will identify your core strengths, evaluate your current career options and devise a step-by-step career plan to take you where you want to be.

Interview & Salary Negotiation Coaching

Concerned that your interviewing skills aren’t what they should be? Spend a few hours learning the “tricks of the trade” to successfully manage interviews, answer the difficult questions, sell your accomplishments and win the offer. Remember, practice does make perfect!


It is a fact that there is nothing more effective in job search than leveraging your network of contacts. These individuals know you and the quality of your performance. They are “on your side” and are often the single best resource to identify a new career opportunity. Yet, networking is a challenge and all too many job seekers ignore it. That’s a mistake … an often costly mistake! Let Dynamic Resumes show you how to optimize your time and your networking resources.

Costs: Complimentary Service

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